Office 365 Users Photo – Set/Update/Remove

With Office365 you can have profile pictures, and this setting is enabled by default. In larger organizations you may not want this policy enabled or have a customized policy for different departments. Here’s what I had to do to disable the picture upload capability by default and use powershell to update it for individuals by using a customized policy.

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PowerShell Code Snippet


 Function Strip-Word { 
    Param ( 
    $word = $word -replace '[^a-zA-Z0-9-\(\)_ ]', ''

    if($encode) { 
        return [System.Web.HttpUtility]::UrlEncode($word.PadRight($length,' ').Substring(0,$length).Trim());
    } else { 
        return $word.PadRight($length,' ').Substring(0,$length).Trim(); 

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# Test-ADCredential.ps1
Verify Active Directory credentials

This function takes a user name and a password as input and will verify if the combination is correct. The function returns a boolean based on the result.

Name: Test-ADCredential
Author: Jaap Brasser
Version: 1.0
DateUpdated: 2013-05-10

The samaccountname of the Active Directory user account
The password of the Active Directory user account

Test-ADCredential -username jaapbrasser -password Secret01

Verifies if the username and password provided are correct, returning either true or false based on the result
function Test-ADCredential {
    if (!($UserName) -or !($Password)) {
        Write-Warning 'Test-ADCredential: Please specify both user name and password'
    } else {
        Add-Type -AssemblyName System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement
        $DS = New-Object System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.PrincipalContext('domain')
        $DS.ValidateCredentials($UserName, $Password)

try{ $testADCredential = $null; $testADCredential = Get-Credential } catch { $testADCredential = $null;  }
if($testADCredential -ne $null) { Test-ADCredential -UserName "$($testADCredential.UserName)" -Password "$($testADCredential.GetNetworkCredential().password)"; }

pause; return;

Active Directory account locking out after password reset

Several end-users account locking out after recently resetting their domain password.

Our domain policy is lockout Threshold 3 attempts. They are getting locked out after 1 try. Once the user logs in, any network or domain resources they try to get to prompt them for their credentials because they are locked out. Their domain account shows locked in AD as well.

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Updating the Windows Console Colors

$Host.UI.RawUI.BackgroundColor = ($bckgrnd = 'Black')
$Host.UI.RawUI.ForegroundColor = 'White'
$Host.PrivateData.ErrorForegroundColor = 'Red'
$Host.PrivateData.ErrorBackgroundColor = $bckgrnd
$Host.PrivateData.WarningForegroundColor = 'Magenta'
$Host.PrivateData.WarningBackgroundColor = $bckgrnd
$Host.PrivateData.DebugForegroundColor = 'Yellow'
$Host.PrivateData.DebugBackgroundColor = $bckgrnd
$Host.PrivateData.VerboseForegroundColor = 'Green'
$Host.PrivateData.VerboseBackgroundColor = $bckgrnd
$Host.PrivateData.ProgressForegroundColor = 'Yellow'
$Host.PrivateData.ProgressBackgroundColor = $bckgrnd
$Host.PrivateData.ConsolePaneForegroundColor = 'DarkCyan'
$Host.PrivateData.ConsolePaneBackgroundColor= $bckgrnd
$Host.PrivateData.ConsolePaneTextBackgroundColor= 'Yellow'
Set-PSReadlineOption -ResetTokenColors

PowerShell: Script to move items from one folder to another in a user’s office 365 mailbox

Exchange Web Services 2.0 Using PowerShell

PowerShell implicit remoting on imported a cmdlet

Import-PSSession -Session (
	New-PSSession -ComputerName dc01 -Credential (Get-Credential)
) -CommandName New-ADUser
$Password = Read-Host -assecurestring "SP2013 Farm Account Password"
$Name = "spExtranetFarm"
$UPN = ""
$Description = "SharePoint Farm Administrator Account - Extranet"
$Path = "ou=service,ou=accounts,ou=test,dc=mikefrobbins,dc=com"
New-ADUser -Name $Name -AccountPassword $Password -Description $Description `
	-Enabled $true `
	-PasswordNeverExpires $true `
	-Path $Path `
	-SamAccountName $Name `
	-UserPrincipalName $UPN